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Professional Translations

Our translators and editors have a vast experience in  any language pair, as well as being industry specialized. Accuracy is paramount in translation, and our experienced team of translators ensure your documents are accurately and delivered on time. 



We provide transcription & typing services in over 40 languages for all industries and professions at an affordable rate. We specialize in legal transcription, academic research transcription, financial, insurance and investigation transcription and general business typing and secretarial services. 


Video Subtitling and Voiceover

Live subtitles translate your video live and in real-time, appearing on your video within moments of your live audio being spoken. Live subtitles are the best way to increase accessibility and inclusion for global audiences for live broadcasts, events, meetings, streaming video, and more. 


Fast Turn-Around

We offer the fastest guaranteed subtitling turnarounds in the industry.  Using state-of-the-art workstations, we can assign multiple editors and translators to work on the same program simultaneously, enabling us to offer fast turnarounds while maintaining the highest level of quality possible.   


Localization, Not Just Translation

Most competent translators can provide a literal translation into the desired language, our subtitle translators understand that their job is not just to translate, but to ‘localize’. 


Our translators are native speakers of the target language, completely fluent in the source language, and highly experienced in the art of subtitle translation.  To maintain the absolute highest quality control for our subtitling services, each of our translations is reviewed by at least two translators. 

Projectranslations, have been selecting and training the best professional translators in the world since 1993, supporting them with cutting-edge technologies to help over 269,092 clients in all industries. Technical Translations reliable fast

Any industry, - Any Language & Dialect - We meet your turn around

  • Corporate promotional videos
  • Music videos
  • Industry specialized videos
  • HSE, STOP, etc.
  • Video ads
  • Corporate social media channels
  • Video tutorials and lessons
  • Seminar transcription
  • Interview transcription
  • Medical/scientific transcription
  • Legal transcription
  • Police transcription